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Knoxville skatepark

Knoxville Skatepark

The Knoxville Skatepark

Legacy Parks Night at Balter Beerworks with the Knoxville Skatepark!
Thurs, Feb 22nd, 2018, 6pm-8pm
Balter Beerworks

100 S Broadway St, Knoxville, Tennessee
Come on out to Balter Beerworks and support the Knoxville Skatepark and the Legecy Parks Foundation! We will have a ramp and rail demo and the Knoxville Skatepark booth on site with free stickers and T-shirts for sale.

About the Knoxville Skatepark

Development of the Knoxville Skatepark is a public-private partnership between the City of Knoxville and Knox County Parks & Recreation departments and hundreds of skateboard enthusiasts who have provided design input and raised funds for the project. It fills the need for thousands of avid regional skaters who have honed their skills in parking lots or have traveled to other cities to skateboard.

Located in Tyson Park, just off I-40 and adjacent to the University of Tennessee, the skatepark is ideally situated to attract recreational skateboarders and to serve as the host site for national competitions and exhibitions. Events, demos, contests, and more will be going on at the skatepark in the future, so check back for the latest happenings at the skatepark.

The Future

The phase II development of the park calls for additional features and spectator accommodations to make it a true national venue. There are plans to add a wide variety of street obstacles into the flat plaza area around the skatepark. Additional plans include a beginners bowl and more. The Knoxville Skatepark Task Force will continue to raise funds for additions and expansion of the park, so donate today!

Click here to find out how to support the Knoxville Skatepark.